Getting started – 3 basic steps

I was sitting beside a woman recently who said “I don’t know what I should be doing. I’m 50 and my efforts to do x and y have been unsuccessful. I don’t know where to begin to figure out what’s next.” I told her “that’s exactly what I do! I help people figure out how to reconnect with their joy and find a renewed sense of purpose.”

Here’s the advice I gave her for getting started towards finding her way, reconnecting with her joy and regaining her sense of purpose.

3 basic steps

Step 1

What makes your heart sing? What do you love to do, and when you do it, it makes you feel happy? Start noticing how various activities affect you.

Step 2

What feels easy right now? Can you do more of that?

Step 3

One step (or loop) at a time. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Figure out what is the next thing. This will lead to the next and the next. Too often we don’t take action. Instead we feel frozen because the overall solution is not visible to us.

Once you begin to connect with and listen to your heart possibilities will emerge. Maybe you can’t make a huge change right now (or can you?), but you can begin by listening and noticing what are you doing that brings you energy and what leaves you feeling drained. Can you begin to shift the balance by doing more of the what brings you energy and fewer of the things that leave you feeling depleted or drained?

Meryl journaling

How can I help?

I hope you have found these suggestions helpful. I work with women to help them reconnect with joy and a renewed sense of purpose. Many of my clients are searching for ways to ‘feel alive’ and full of purpose again when they reach out to me.

My Creativity One to One sessions are designed to help you to start getting unblocked and moving towards feeling ‘in the flow’ again. My approach is gentle and non-judgemental. Through writing, sketching and conversation I help you to get out of your head and connect with your heart and self.

Are you ready to make a change, reinvent yourself, make time for self care and want the company of other like-minded women who are making space for self and creativity? You would be most welcome to join my Creating Space community.