Fall and Falling in Love

Fall feels to me kind of like falling in love.  It has the qualities of cocooning, discovering new pleasures and of sensuousness.  What does September and the beginning of fall mean to you?  For many it means new beginnings, getting back to familiar routines.  In the Northern hemisphere fall represents the return to cooler weather, to warm colours, delicious oranges, reds and yellows.

Here in Nova Scotia the beach is less crowded in the fall.  The people I meet on my fall beach walks are there for the joy of connecting with the beauty of the sand, the ocean, the pleasure of solitude, or a walk with a close friend.

Cropped photo of “Curvy Lines”

This fall I am making time to step back, to reconnect with love and art.  I’m taking some time to fall in love again with rug hooking after a busy summer of writing my next book, cycling with friends, having company and not enough time at my Cheticamp frame.  On my author/artist tour of Vancouver Island I will be connecting with many rug hookers to share my story.  I’ve left time for days to meet with friends and to explore the west coast beaches.  I will be hooking at a three day event Hook By The Sea where I will be the Saturday night speaker.

When I get back I’ll be taking a three day class with my mentor Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It is a chance to work on my art, to learn, to see friends, and to rejoice in the sensuousness of beautiful colours and fibres.

Tell me what you think.  What are you doing to reconnect, to fall in love again with what brings you joy?

P.S. Is there a chakra connection?

Sarah Petruno talks about the connections between the root chakra and the earth energy as being part of the fall season.  Certainly the abundance of the harvest and the transition to root vegetables and lovely, dark greens are very grounding and earthy.

Fall to me also feels like the sacral chakra with it’s links to creativity and sensuousness.