Does Creativity have a Season?

What is your most creative season? Mine is summer. I wrote both of my first two books in the summers of 2016 and 2017. Summer brings to mind sensations of warmth, less clothing, feeling unencumbered by extra layers. There is more time for beach walking, for planning fall teaching and speaking, and for impromptu gatherings with friends and neighbours.

Hand spun yarns and fabrics dyed using Lucy Richard’s Wooly Mason Jar Dye method

The body sensation is loose and expansive. I find these sensations often translate to my thoughts and to my creativity. Ideas flow more easily and freely when I am surrounded by warmth and the beauty of summer.

This summer I’m working on a very special new project which involves a new Wild Woman design. I also hope to write and write and write, as I’m working on my next two books. I will make time for spinning and dyeing yarns and wool fabrics. And of course I’m looking forward to spending time learning and bonding with my new dog Nita.

Nita, my newly adopted 4 year old retired racing greyhound
Nita, my newly adopted retired racing greyhound

Is there a season that stimulates your creativity? Where your ideas seem to flow with more ease? I’d love to hear about it.