Ditch the hustle

I’m breaking up with the ‘work harder to get further’ culture. Were you raised to believe that if you only worked a bit harder you would be more (insert your word here – successful, beautiful, popular, loved)? Me too. I thought if only I could hustle more I would have enough (work, success, a tidy home).

The results of being on the hustle treadmill for me were feelings of never enough and exhaustion.

The past few years I’ve been unwrapping this need for hustle and trying to understand it. What follows is a bit of a personal note that I hope will resonate with you.

Two blocks

I discovered that underneath this need to work harder was two blocks.

The first block stemmed from a belief that success equals making lots of money. I noticed that no matter what income I made it wasn’t enough. I call this block a lack of abundance. I began telling myself ‘I have enough’. I wrote lists of the many ways I already had abundance. Instead of looking at a sale or contract as ‘only x amount’ and feeling it could have been more, I started to consciously celebrate each sale as a win. I sent myself notes of encouragement. I designed artwork about it.

             My first mat about abundance

As I practised this abundance mindset, more opportunities/sales/contracts opened up. The easier it got to break up with my mindset of lack of abundance.

The second block was a feeling of never being enough. That no matter what I did I was not enough. I wrote in my journal, created lists of my accomplishments and acknowledged the impact my work is having on others. I designed several pieces of art based on the theme ‘I am enough’.

Wild Woman Says “I am Enough” (detail). Just off the frame.

I know these two blocks both stem from a feeling of lack (lack of income, lack of self-worth). I have had a life time of over-working to try to prove my worth. Because they came from a feeling of lack it meant no matter how hard I worked or how much I earned it would never be enough. When I started to shift into an abundance frame of mind (celebrating every sale or contract) I began to feel differently about my accomplishments and my self worth.

Being able to shift these two blocks into a feeling of abundance and a recognition that I am enough no matter what I accomplish has created an opening for me. It is why I am breaking up with the hustle culture. It is why I am focusing on ease and joy in my art and in my work. I call this space allowing. As I allow abundance and feelings of I am enough to flow, I am experiencing an opening. Opportunities and design ideas are coming my way and I am attracting the clients and the work that are a perfect fit. I am noticing a shift in my art as well – incorporating a different palette of colours and leaning towards designing clothing. It’s all very exciting.

Writing and sketching prompt

Is there a life-long belief (or two) that is holding you back? If you were able to shift this belief pattern what would open up for you? What would that feel like? Write and sketch about this and see if you can design a piece of art that reflects the sensation of releasing this life-long belief.

How can I help you?

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