Creating Space

for artists, creatives and others needing self-care to make time for wellness, for art, for self

You don’t need to be an artist or have fancy art equipment. All you need is a journal, some pens or pencils (or watercolour crayons), and a willingness to stretch yourself and think outside the box. That’s it.

Meryl journaling

This program is for you if...

  • You want to make time to create, a space to feel and think.
  • You want to use your art and creativity (journaling, sketching) to find a sense of purpose, to express your inner self, reach and connect with others.
  • You want to develop a practice for getting unblocked.
  • You know you are worth the effort.

But you struggle with taking the time for yourself or creating a consistent pattern or habit.

It’s time to create space for yourself and be part of a community devoted to doing exactly that!

I’m here to share my process for creating, for getting unblocked and to answer your questions and guide your process. Come spend time with me!

Hi, I'm Meryl Cook

artist, author, speaker and facilitator

In 2016 I launched my current business and have taught creativity workshops across Canada and the US (and online since 2020). I started with the fibre arts and journaling community and then added working with leaders and their teams, helping people to de-stress, connect and articulate a vision for their organization.

Regardless of which hat I’m wearing – team engagement, facilitation, speaking, writing, sharing my art – my why is to inspire others to connect with their joy and creativity. When our creativity is unblocked, we can embrace a renewed sense of purpose and experience increased energy and focus.

In my workshops, people tell me they need help with creating time to do their art, journal, and just take time to think. They want something beyond a one-hour or three-hour workshop. And they want to work more with me.

This is why I’ve formed Creating Space – because we are all worth it. Worth taking time for self-care and creativity.

Meryl Cook
Meryl Cook Engagement by Design

Here's how it works...

You'll receive journaling and design tips in a weekly email from me.

These tips will be designed to encourage you to take a few minutes each day to draw, sketch and write. Expect them every Thursday.

Plus I'll be hosting a 1-hour, monthly, live session on Zoom.

I will be at my Cheticamp frame hooking, or in my office finishing projects, or in my sunroom spinning, as we take time and space to nourish our creative souls. Each live session will have a theme, as well as time to ask what’s in your heart. In case you miss a session – or want to listen again – these monthly sessions will be recorded and can be accessed only by members. Monthly sessions will be held on the last Thursday each month at 1pm Atlantic Time.

As a bonus, you'll also receive a coupon code that allows you to save 10% in my shop as long as you're a member of Creating Space.

Here's what you've been telling me...

You’d like more of...

  • how to turn a feeling or event into a shape/colour/concept
  • how to really cultivate creativity, ideas and inspiration daily and put them into works of art
  • how to develop a wellness habit
  • time and space to delve deeper

"Such a great workshop! Thank you so much for such an intentional time together. Loved it."

"I admire the way you connected with each student."

"I felt heard and supported. It has had an impact that is rippling out into other areas of my life."

Ready to start Creating Space for you?

Choose from monthly or annual subscription options.

$10 billed monthly

$96 billed yearly (save 20%)