Courage Part 1

What do we need in order to process and thrive following a defining moment in time? When I think of the defining moments of my life: moments that have had a before and after; moments that had an element of adversity, something to push through or get through; moments that involved change on every level. As an individual, some of my defining moments have been the birth of a child, a diagnosis of breast cancer, my motorcycle crash, and the decision to close my 20 year practice as a health care practitioner. Collectively we are all going through a defining moment – the COVID-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has highlighted the inequities in our society, particularly those around economics and race.

Common Thread

The common thread, or what each of these defining moments requires if I am to thrive or to somehow come out a better person having gone through them is courage. Collectively, there are many lessons we are learning from this pandemic, and it is going to take courage to fully implement them.

Courage, from the root word of heart is defined as:

  • the ability to do something that frightens one
  • strength in the face of pain or grief
  • bravery, pluck, valour

What underpins courage, where is it drawn from? What do we need in order to move forward with courage? I think courage comes from within.

As a journal writer and fibre artist, I use my writing as inspiration for my hand-hooked designs. Recently I was writing about courage as it relates to developing my business, to calling potential clients to form relationships and to let them know about my services in employee well-being and engagement. Like many businesses, the restrictions associated with COVID-19 have required me to re-imagine the scope and breadth of what I offer. Much has changed, and the opportunities to expand and reinvent have been plentiful.

Courage Part 1 in progress “Protected. Enveloped in warmth & love. Safe, grounded, sending love & light.” are the words from my journal written around the edges.

I know the word courage is from the root word heart, but I think heart is only the beginning of what we need to move forward with intention. This is my design Courage Part 1 in progress. It represents the feeling of courage and what I need in order to have courage. The background is Indigo, representing the Third Eye Chakra (insight, clarity). I need clarity around what is required to move forward to a better state.

When I think of what gave me courage in some of my defining moments, it was my sense of being rooted, of having a stable foundation that allowed me to be brave (red, Root Chakra). As well, the ability to access creativity, to begin to imagine a way forward was important (orange, Sacral Chakra). The outline is yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) which is the quiet inner confidence that I was worth the effort, that what I needed was of value.

As we navigate this defining moment I wish you ample courage from within. May we each face it with courage as individuals, and with much courage as a collective.