Celebrating my 'Why'

March marks four years since the birth of my Heart Notes newsletter! That’s approximately 96 issues and at least 90 new blog posts. My list began in 2017 with my loyal homeopathy and Bowen patients. As I transitioned from health care provider to artist, writer and facilitator, some moved on. Many stayed and continue to send me short notes of encouragement for this new path. To my former patients, a heartfelt thank you!

In the past four years my list has grown exponentially to include people who buy my books, other textile artists and corporate clients and contacts. A sincere welcome to each of you.

As I celebrate this anniversary, I was reflecting on my ‘why.’ I discovered that whether I am Meryl Cook Homeopathy & Bowen or now Meryl Cook Engagement by Design, there is a common thread. Although my career has changed in a big way, the underlying motivation for my business has remained remarkably the same.

As a health care practitioner, my goal was to help my patients restore their health so they could live their life fully and with joy. In assessing progress, I would look for signs of creativity emerging in my patient’s lives. I viewed creativity and creative pursuits as both a path to health and also a sign that health was returning.

My current ‘why’ (as outlined in my Heart Notes newsletters) is to inspire others to connect with their joy and creativity. When our creativity is unblocked, we can embrace a renewed sense of purpose and experience increased energy and focus.

Living life fully, with joy, a renewed sense of purpose and increased energy and focus. It all sounds like a recipe for creativity and health to me.

hooked rug in Chakra colours, figure dancing, multicoloured hair
Wild Woman Dancing – detail – designed and hooked by Meryl Cook

How can I help?

If you or your team are feeling stuck, stressed, disconnected, or all of the above, contact me. We can design a session or series of creative, hands-on sessions that will provide an opportunity to de-stress, renew and reconnect. Trust me, it will do wonders for your bottom line when your team is more engaged, productive and innovative.