Body listening

This opinion may be somewhat controversial. I believe that our body produces symptoms when we are out of balance. These symptoms can point to emotional or spiritual issues that need addressing. By producing aches and pains, or other types of illness, our body is giving us clues that we are blocked on some level. By tapping into how our body is feeling, and listening on a deeper level, can we begin to release these blockages, to establish flow and return to a more balanced state?

In a recent Journaling for Design and Creativity workshop I introduced the idea of tapping into the body feeling as a way to recognize how our body feels when we feel joy. It is important and valuable to learn to identify how our body feels as it brings us into the present and it trains our brain to look for and identify moments of joy. When we are looking for joy we see it more. It can crowd out the negative feelings and it can be healing.

What I’m writing about today goes beyond tapping into the body feeling to observe the sensations of the body when we feel a positive emotion such as joy. It is about listening on a deeper level to what our body is saying.

Listening on a deeper level

Recently I have had a minor physical symptom that despite strengthening and several types of hands-on therapy has not resolved. When this happens I get curious. I suspect that if a symptom is not improving despite my best efforts (and of course the proper medical interventions), that I am blocked on another level. When I really listen to what my body is saying what comes up?

Not about judgement or self blame

Before I go any further, the purpose of listening on a deeper level to what our symptoms are saying is not about judgement. It is not about assigning self blame to our physical symptoms. It is about using the illness or ache or pain as an opportunity to explore and to heal on some level. It creates an opportunity to look inside.

Questions to ask:

What are you (my body) saying? Is there something that needs to be released? or acknowledged?

Body what do you need?

Is there a Chakra connection to the part of the body where the symptom is appearing? (I have written about the Chakras and the associated emotional or spiritual issues in my first book, as well as in this blog post which contains a talk I gave at ART1274 Hollis Gallery, and in this blog post Chakra Colours for Wellbeing.)


My suggestion is to approach physical symptoms with curiosity, gentleness and no self-criticism. To see them as more than a ‘pain in the butt’, but as an opportunity for healing on a deeper level.

How can I help?

My Creativity One to One sessions are designed to help you to start getting unblocked and moving towards feeling ‘in the flow’ again. My approach is gentle and non-judgemental. Through writing, sketching and conversation I help you to get out of your head and connect with your heart and self.