As if it already is

What if I could visualize where I’m going in my business and operate as if I’m already there? How would that transform my business? Just as an artist thinks of a design in her mind, does a few sketches and sees the completed piece as if it has already happened, could I learn to do this in the corporate side of my business?

Corporate group working on vision wall hanging from team building workshop
Corporate group working on vision wall hanging from team building workshop.

I already know that when I look for moments of joy I see more of them. By doing this I am training my brain to recognize the feelings of joy and feeling well. Several years ago I started the practice of looking for five things that brought me joy on my walks to radiation treatments. I would notice something joyful and try to tune into how my body felt in that moment.

If I could visualize my next three contracts already signed and scheduled, what would that feel like? I would feel proud, excited, taller and more self assured. So, if I could start to feel that now I think it would affect how I present myself. Just as happiness and joy are contagious, I suspect confidence and success inspire others to trust us, to want to do business with us.

How could I embody my future success on a practical level? I’ve had experience with forecasting my annual and quarterly sales, and setting an intention to reach these goals. While this has been helpful, perhaps because it is less immediate I have found it difficult to sustain the feeling of success in advance of meeting my targets.

Recently Debbie Adams of People Can Consulting suggested a simple tool, which I have adapted and am using in my journaling practice. The exercise is basically to write two entries in your journal or notebook each morning. The first entry is to write something about how much you are looking forward to the day and what you hope to accomplish. The second entry is to write as if the day has already passed, and how it was even better than you anticipated. In my journal, I am starting the first entry with “Today is going to be an awesome day …”. The second entry is usually something like “Today totally rocked. Not only did …”. It has only been a few weeks, but so far the results have been impressive, and I’m happy and excited about my business.