An inspired life

When I decided to change my life and reinvent myself in 2015 I knew how I wanted my life to feel, but hadn’t decided what to call this type of life. I wanted my life to have more flow and movement, and to follow my heart. I wanted to do less pushing and doing things because I felt I ‘should’.

I set out to figure out my life by allowing space and time for possibilities to emerge. I used journaling and my fibre art (rug hooking and spinning are my main mediums) to explore the various dimensions of the life I was creating. After a few years of following my heart and watching my new life unfold, I think I’ve got it.

My vision – an inspired life

My vision is to live an inspired life. To be inspired and to inspire others to use their creativity to take care of themselves and others. An inspired life has energy and whole-hearted enthusiasm. My inspired life has colour and texture and joy. It is free flowing and moving forward.

Living an inspired life involves looking for opportunity, looking for openings, for when things feel right. No pushing or doing things when my gut feels like it is a bad idea.

So what is the difference from when I began this journey and now? Since 2015 I have been following my heart and seeing where it leads me. Now my focus is more intentional. I am actively seeking inspiration and taking time to notice when it appears.

What is your vision for your life? What are you seeking and what is important to you to notice? I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email or comment below.

Joy Releasing Detail
Joy Releasing (detail), a rug about inspiration, designed & hooked by Meryl Cook