An artist date? Tell me more.

Some of my favourite artist dates lately

have been going to an art opening at The Muir Hotel  True Colours Gallery. I went with two of my favourite artist friends, and my mentor Deanne Fitzpatrick was one of the three artists with work in the show. It was wonderful to connect with old and new friends and to talk about art! I also took myself on two combination runs/artist dates along the Saint John harbour while I was in town working and visiting. I came away from both of these events feeling inspired by the beauty I saw, the conversations I had about art and thinking of new designs.

What is an artist date?

An artist date is going out with the intention to look for beauty, to get inspired, to look at the world with a fresh perspective. It can be as simple as taking yourself out for coffee with your sketchbook or journal or camera. Or a ride on the ferry across to Halifax when you put away your phone (except for photos) and just look around you.

An artist date can be by yourself or with a friend or a group of friends/colleagues. It can be looking at art, or nature. Or listening to the sounds as you walk on a quiet path or a busy street. It is doing something with the intention to pause and really look or listen. It can be about getting out of your regular routine to do something different or new.

Sculptures seen on my artist date/run along the Saint John Harbour

Do you need to be an ‘artist’ to go on an artist date?

Absolutely not! Anyone can appreciate beauty and everyone needs to feel inspired and reinvigorated.

How can I help?

My Creativity One to One sessions are designed to help you to start getting unblocked and moving towards feeling ‘in the flow’ again. My approach is gentle and non-judgemental. Through writing, sketching and conversation I help you to get out of your head and connect with your heart and self.