Allowing space for …

What are you allowing space for? I was inspired recently by Patty Lennon and her new book Make Space for Magic: Learn to receive Love, Abundance, and Support from the Universe. I learned from Patty that I need to allow myself to rest more. That my tendency to work, work, work, just one more thing to do before I sit down may be blocking me, slowing down my progress in my business and getting in the way of joy.

In my journal I’ve been writing about my tendency to plan and work hard (too hard) towards my goals. What if instead of being so goal focused I could allow more space for magic to happen? This doesn’t mean I’m not working on my business and personal goals. Instead I’m working on them only when it feels good to pick up the phone and make that call or send that email. I’m not pushing to get one more thing out the door before I take a walk or sit at my spinning wheel.

I’m working on allowing space for abundance in my life. And I’m practising allowing space for rest. I’m taking that nap when I need it. I’m taking the time to go for coffee and talk about art with that young artist I admire.

One of my goals this fall is to allow more space for creativity and inspiration. To help with this goal I’ve started a daily practice of sharing two or three photos of a design element that inspires me. I’ve discovered a great tool called Layout which allows me to display several photos in one frame. I’m posting these photos on my Instagram page and using the hashtag #showingupinthestudio2021. Feel free to follow along and to post your own daily inspiration! Be sure to use the hashtag so I can follow along and see what inspires you.

Working on this practice of allowing space feels good. It feels like the next step in showing up for myself. It feels like I’m getting closer to that work-life balance that so many are searching for.

Wensleydale fleece in three stages: washed, fluffed and spun. Light white, shiny sheep's locks in process of being spun.
Taking time to enjoy the process of spinning

Writing prompt

When I allow space …


I want to allow space in my life for …

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