A Renegade Revolution

A renegade is a person who abandons the religious, political, or philosophical beliefs that he or she used to have, and accepts opposing or different beliefs. (www.vocabulary.com)

Some definitions imply a renegade is someone who is disloyal, or who betrays an institution.

What about the institutions that judge women on their youthful appearance? That render us invisible in boardrooms, in movies and on television as we age?

I’ve written about a certain renegade female journalist in a previous blog post Is Grey the New Burning Our Bras?

Not only did Lisa LaFlamme refuse to read a prepared statement from her employer when her contract as an award winning news anchor was not renewed, she prepared her own farewell statement which she released on social media the next day. Since this story broke I’ve been very inspired by her courage in standing up for herself and being vulnerable.

Well, Lisa LaFlamme has done it again! She was going to be nominated by her former employer for multiple awards at the Canadian Screen Awards, but these nominations were withdrawn.

Instead, Ms. LaFlamme nominated herself for best national news anchor! And she has been selected as one of three finalists in this category by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. How’s that for knowing your own value and standing up for yourself?

My friend Mary Jane Copps, (a former journalist) and I have been delighting in following Lisa’s story. Here’s what Mary Jane had to say the other day:

Part of me thinks it might be a movement … women around the world uniting, seeing each other as they age and celebrating all that goes with it – gray hair, wrinkles, menopause, being a caregiver to a parent – all the things that impact men to a much lesser degree and often make women become invisible in society, in boardrooms, in movies … on television. It is powerful that you have connected with Lisa around this and are now incorporating it into your art. Perhaps there are other women you can reach out to as well? Jane Fonda? (I’m not kidding!). Lily Tomlin? I’m sure there are many others – less famous – around us that are standing up for their right to age and continue to do the work they love. They would also admire your work.

A Revolution in the Making

I love the idea of a movement in the making. A generation of women (maybe several generations) who refuse to be sidelined, overlooked, diminished by the institutions that have kept us back. We can inspire, embrace and support one another as we age to know our own value and to advocate for ourselves and each other. A Wild Woman Sisterhood of sorts.

Wild Woman says ‘I am enough’, part of my continuing Wild Woman series and also part of the ‘Ode to Lisa LaFlamme’ series of women with fabulous grey hair.

Renegade suggestions?

Do you have examples of other women who are standing up for our right to age and continue to do the work we love? I’d love to be connected with them.

How can I help?

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