A not so gentle reminder

I didn’t realize I needed a reminder. A reminder that I’m not invincible. Sometimes we do all the right things and still shit happens.

Recently I got a not so gentle (but minor on the overall scale of things) reminder that my health is not to be taken for granted. I must admit I was feeling a bit cocky. My husband came down with that awful cold/cough virus that’s been making the rounds. I was taking my healthy tonics, eating well, keeping my stress to a minimum. I thought “I’m not likely to catch this. After all, this fall I was the only person in our four person household not to catch Covid.”

Imagine my surprise when I started to get sick with the same symptoms my husband had had. Even so, I expected to follow his pattern of improving after the first three days. Well the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th days came and went. Instead of improving I was getting worse. On day 8 I had to admit that I needed help in the medical department. I got myself under a physician’s care and am slowly improving.

Tulips in a bouquet

An opportunity for listening and learning

So what am I learning? Any setback is an opportunity for listening and learning. I’m listening to my body and only doing small bits of work when I have some energy and feel inspired. I’m spending time reading novels, watching wet felting videos, napping, taking short walks with my dog, writing in my journal (lots and lots!) and setting only short, flexible goals for myself each day.

It feels kind of awesome and like exactly what I need right now to keep moving forward, albeit at a snail’s pace.

At Ann Perry‘s event 6 Psychics Under 1 Roof in December, I learned that 2023 would present me with opportunities to observe. Opportunities to take a back seat, set boundaries, do a lot of inner work, don’t push. It was predicted to be a year of reflection, with time to plan, gather, heal, rest and connect. Sounds about right.

It is not lost on me that my word for 2023 is Inspire and what part of my body is speaking to me? I’m listening. I promise.