A glimmer of hope … and a warning

Update 2021: We’ve now been in the pandemic almost two years. Vaccination rates are rising, restrictions in some areas are lifting, and there is the threat of the Delta variant worldwide.

I was that university student who made it through the term and exams only to fall sick all through the holidays. Sound familiar? For the past year we have been doing a great job of coping with the pandemic. Whether that meant adjusting our business to meet the needs of clients working from home, or keeping close to home and finding joy in the small things.

Now there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a vaccine that is starting to arrive. It will take a while to roll out to those who choose to take it. We may expect that once the crisis has passed that we can start to feel normal again. That we can accomplish more, go more places, do all of the things we have been waiting to do.

A warning

This blog post is a warning. A warning that after a crisis things can start to fall apart. People who have been through a period of prolonged stress often fall ill after the pressure is off. As we start to gradually come out of the pandemic we need to pay extra attention to self care and to each other.

As a leader or employer, expect your team to need support transitioning back to the office or to a new work model. Pay special attention to the well-being of your team members now and as we start to come out of this crisis.

As an individual, ramp up your self care. Recognize you’ve just come through a period of prolonged stress. Your reserves are likely lower than they could be. Don’t expect yourself to bounce back. Take time to acknowledge what you’ve been through.

Suggestions for the transition

  1. Journaling – take time to journal about the experience of the pandemic. Be sure to note what strengths you discovered and the moments of joy that the pandemic brought.
  2. Invent a ceremony to wish the pandemic good bye. It could be as simple as throwing rocks in a pond, baking a cake or burning sage (called smudging) as a way of cleansing your home or office of the stale energy of the past months and inviting new, fresh energy in.

How I can help

If you are concerned about the well-being and engagement of your team members, I can design a creative, hands-on envisioning exercise that will help to reduce burn-out, and promote productivity and engagement. All of my work is fully customizable. Reach out to me for a no obligations chat.

If you need help with a plan for self care, see my books, or connect with me. I’d be happy to chat.

Corporate group working on vision wall hanging from team building workshop
How many people can you fit around a Cheticamp frame?
Journal with writing, beach and water in the background
Journal, invent a ceremony or some way to acknowledge what we’ve been through