4 Strategies for cutting through the overwhelm

What Do I Need Right Now? I needed to feel “Stable, grounded, safe. Supported, enveloped in love and warmth.”

Do you have tools you regularly use when life gets busy? Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and find yourself spinning your wheels instead of accomplishing what needs to get done. Here are 4 strategies I teach and that I find personally helpful at these times.

  1. Taking time to breathe. When I get too busy I find myself breathing shallowly and sometimes even holding my breath! Try noticing your breath. Is it shallow, or rapid, or both? Place your hands on your belly and chest. Take a few deep breaths, feeling your belly rise and then your chest fill. Try to make the inhale equal the exhale. Breathing full, deep breaths helps to slow us down and fill our bodies with much needed oxygen.
  2. Avoid multi-tasking. There was a time in my life when I prided myself in multi-tasking, it was almost a badge of honour. These days I make a list and check off one item at a time. I find I accomplish just as much, with far less stress. This is part of my One Loop at a Time philosophy.
  3. Schedule time to do something that you enjoy or that relaxes you. Today in the midst of working on my PowerPoint presentation for Wednesday and a multitude of other tasks, I have set aside a couple of 15 minute breaks to sew on the binding for a new hat design. These breaks help me to refocus and to clear my head when I have a lot on my plate.
  4. Write yourself a note of encouragement. A journaling exercise from my second book (page 51-53) is called These Things I Know and What Do I Need Right Now? “I begin with making a list. These Things I know. This is usually a list of what is working at the moment, what strengths I have to bring to this situation. I then write my answers to the question, What do I need right now? This helps me to focus on the immediate next steps, stop spinning and find a way to move forward one step (or loop) at a time.”

If you are interested in more simple, profound methods I have found helpful for unblocking creativity, moving forward through transitions and looking inside for answers, check out One Loop at a Time, The Creativity Workbook.